Important Racer Announcement – Change of Event Dates/Names

Due to the unusable spectator camping and parking fields at Santa Pod Raceway, SPR and Santa Pod Racers Club, have had to take the tough decision to make changes to two of the National Championship events. Click below for the full information.

System Bug – Vehicle Information

Unfortunately we have had a glitch in the system and a selection of user’s vehicles have been ‘overwritten’ with the data of another vehicle. If this has happened to you, please amend your vehicles information in the ‘edit vehicles’ page here, before entering another event. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused, we hope to […]

Race Bike Push Pegs

Following a couple of incidents where push pegs on Race bikes have been left in place during a run. It is now mandatory that all push pegs have some form of identification attached to the push peg, as seen in the image, bright coloured tape etc is also acceptable. It’s your responsibility as a rider […]