FIA/FIM Main Event - 27th - 27th May 2024

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Event Information

Event - FIA/FIM Main Event - 24th - 27th May 2024
Closing Date - Friday 26th April 2024
Venue - Santa Pod Raceway
Promoted by - Santa Pod Raceway
Organised by - Santa Pod Racers Club

Entry fees must be paid 3 days prior to commencement of the race event entered.

Beginning 2024 there will be a small fine applied to late payments (late being asked for your payment in the signing on office) this will be £25 for the first offence and £100 for future failings within the race year,  to help we are looking at emailing all those that chose BACS payment 1 week prior to the event as a gentle nudge to pay the entry fee, this will be a blanket email, so please do be upset if you have paid, it's just simplifies the email option for us.


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