Important Message From Scrutineering

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This is a message from our Chief Scrutineer; this applies to all car entrants so please take note.

We are noticing there is a small issue arising with competitors putting false information on their forms, for instance impossible dates for kit, or kit that is very obviously wrong. We appreciate not everyone has a device next to their vehicle to input data, hence why we have the handy garage guide. Click here for a copy of the garage guide

If you don’t have access to your car and/or can’t get the the required information, please use the “none/not applicable” option, where available. Most of the dropdowns have this option, with the exception of:

  • Suits
  • Gloves
  • Helmet
  • Harness

For harnesses, if you don’t have the information, the best option is to choose a “3-point seatbelt” as that option won’t prompt you to put in a false date.

The system will allow out of date kit to be entered, and that’s by design, so if you have out of date kit that’s being replaced/recertified, please enter the existing standards and dates. Doing so will not make you fail scrutineering; the new standards and dates will be checked at the track.

We would like to reiterate a false declaration could be dealt with under section C 1.1.3 of the Blue Book and could result in a race director reprimand.

Thank you for your cooperation.